Yes, that does say Ben Shakespeare Photography. That’s me!

Yes, that does say Ben Shakespeare Photography. That’s me!

At least once I’ve come back from a shoot covered in sheep poo… More often I’ve had wellies filled with salt water, sand, peat bog and else besides. All to get the best shot at the best angle!

I love helping people. I love photographing people. Specifically, helping and photographing people like you to get their dream destination wedding. Cheesy? Yep! But absolutely true!

Yes, you could bring a photographer here from the mainland, but when you’ve got someone on the island who can guide you to the perfect locations, whatever the time of year, whatever the weather, why would you?

The images were fantastic - so many people have complimented! We are so glad we chose you & also a huge thank you to you for your patience with us all, it was an amazing day!
— Fiona and Bobby

Having experience as a Primary School teacher, plus time managing a camera store, means I know how to manage your wedding experience, talk to you and the guests - plus the kids! Being calm on the day really helps you concentrate on you having the best Islay experience possible.

Ben you did an amazing job thank you sooo much!! So calm, friendly and great with kids! Couldn’t have asked for a better photographer!
— Evie and John
Ben Shakespeate Wedding Photographer 2


Are we the perfect fit?

My style is to let you enjoy the flow of the day - I’ll direct you in the posed shots - but I feel you should be able to immerse yourself in your wedding day without being interrupted, or continually posed, by a photographer jumping around in the background the whole time.

Having a pre-wedding shoot, and phone or video calls before the day are so important to help us connect and get to know each other, so we know we can both relax and have fun on the day.

On a shoot at Black Rock, Islay

On a shoot at Black Rock, Islay

One of the most impressive things was despite we had never met before there was kind of familiarity immediately. The location you suggested was fantastic and even the weather change was no loss. Liv is so happy with all these beautiful pictures and so am I!”
— Stephan

Why Islay?

Years of holidays as a child, then family relocating here, meant we made the move of a lifetime. That’s me, my wife and my two boys - we wouldn’t live anywhere else. We all love this island - and we also love to share it - our enthusiasm for the place spills over into images I take for you.

So, My Islay Wedding started as ‘Ben Shakespeare Photography’ but I loved shooting your weddings so much, I decided we needed a site that shows everyone’s lovely wedding images off even better. So My Islay Wedding was created to photograph Your Islay Wedding!

This page seems like a perfect place for you to get in touch and start the conversation! What are you waiting for!